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Beaver Scouts at 1st Bradley Stoke

(Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri 6pm)

Beavers at 1st Bradley Stoke have loads of fun! They make new friends outside of their usual school circle & also outside their own age range when mixing with the Cubs, Scouts & Explorers for some of our group events. They learn about their community, what their place in it might be & how they can positively contribute to it. Because beavers are the youngest section in scouting we feel it is a real privilege to start them on their journey towards a life of adventure; learning to push themselves & stretch their imaginations.

Don’t be fooled though; just because they are the youngest section, it does not mean that all they do is make things & sing songs! Here are just some of the activities that our Beavers have taken part in:
      • Climbing
      • Abseiling
      • Crate stacking
      • Camping (in a hut)
      • Camping (in tents!)
      • Backwoods cooking (outside on a real fire)
      • Fire lighting
      • Visiting places of interest , eg, Ice cream factory, Fire Station, Pirate walk, crazy golf
      • Day trips, eg, train trip to Weston-super-mare , District fun days, Bristol Zoo
      • Archery
      • Remembrance & St George’s parades
      • Orienteering/map reading
      • Treasure hunts
      • Go-karting
      • Hiking (night hikes are especially popular!)
      • Host special visitors – eg, Guide dogs for the blind, RNLI, emergency services
Beavers are allowed to camp & for many this is their first trip away from home. We usually have a theme running through the whole weekend & recent ones have been: Pirates, Spies, Superheroes & Star Wars! Our camps are always very popular & are definitely the highlight of our year. Much to the amazement of their parents, we even get them washing up!
When Beavers first join we ask them to make a “Promise” which explains to them what we are expecting from them. Scouting is not like school where there are strict rules, but we do expect a certain level of good behaviour. We want them to do their best & be kind & helpful to each other. We see them grow in confidence & learn how to take responsibility for their actions.
Beavers LOVE getting badges & the beauty is that often they are so busy enjoying the activity that they don’t realise they are actually working towards a certain badge! The highest award that Beavers get is their Chief Scouts Bronze award by getting six special challenge badges. Most of them achieve this if they attend regularly.

We actively encourage parents / carers / family members to join in with the fun too! We run a parent rota so that you can sign up & come along whenever you like (it’s a well-kept secret that adults quite often have as much fun as the beavers themselves!) Plus, if you find that you are really enjoying yourself, why not consider volunteering on a more regular basis? Scouting offers lots of flexible opportunities for adults to stretch themselves, develop new skills & make new friends! There really is something for everyone that can fit around a busy lifestyle. Sadly, without adults, scouting doesn’t happen. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about – come along & join the adventure!