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Youth-shaped begins 27 FEBRUARY 2015

posted 4 Nov 2017, 07:29 by BSS Group-Admin   [ updated 4 Nov 2017, 07:34 ]

The future of Scouts is youth-shaped

On Saturday, 120 Explorers, Network members and volunteers gathered in London to discuss the best ways to start shaping the future of youth-shaped Scouting.

The event was led and organised by UK Youth Commissioner Hannah Kentish, along with deputies Jay Thompson and Jagz Bharth.

Four different topics were covered throughout the course of the day. Discussions included:
young peoples’ experience of youth-shaped Scouting and ways in which it could be improved
the logistics of running a youth council
the topics that matter to young people and what the youth council needs to address first and foremost
the ways in which even more Scouts can be persuaded to get involved

Hannah comments: ‘I didn’t realise that my own ideas could make such a huge impact on my Scouting experience and the experience of others around the whole country too. This is such a great opportunity for me to have. It’s important that as young people we get the chance to discuss the issues that are important to us, and it’s essential that we are part of the solution too!’


In the afternoon, the conference was live-streamed, so that people who weren’t in the room were able to join in. The afternoon’s question and answer session, run by the UK Youth Commissioner team, Chief Exec Matt Hyde and UK Chief Commissioner Wayne Bulpitt, was also broadcast on Twitter so that people could have their questions answered no matter where they were!

‘Feeling empowered and enthusiastic after #YouShape today,’ said Sophie, a YouShape delegate. ‘Seeing so many with so much enthusiasm for Scouting, all with views and ideas shared by all around the tables was really special,’ added Ollie.

What’s next?

The atmosphere at the conference was incredibly lively, and left the team with plenty of ideas to work with in the future. Deputy UK Youth Commissioner Jay Thompson praised the event for bringing so many enthusiastic young people together. ‘Being able to speak up at events like this really gave me confidence,’ he said. ‘I have learnt so much from events where I could speak up and listen to people with the same interest and enthusiasm for Scouting as I do.’

The team will be reviewing all of the thoughts of delegates from the weekend to decide on the best way to make sure Scouting is led by young people all over the UK.

Check out the day’s action on our Facebook page, and get involved on Twitter using the hashtag #YouShape.

Tomorrow Evening (Thursday 5th March) our Youth Representative is putting on the very first Youth Forum with Thursday Scouts. Covering topics like the Programme, Badges, Group Events, Section Names and much more!

Head over to the ‘Youth Shaped‘ webpage to find out more about how you can help!

Follow @BSS_YouthRep on twitter for the latest updates of Youth Shaped Scouting in Bradley Stoke.